Achieving Specific Fat Loss Goals

There’s a myth that is floating around the fat loss world. A myth that so many people buy into. There are even products designed around losing fat that many figure conscious people eat up (no pun intended).

All of our bodies are shaped differently and we all have different goals. Those who want to gain muscle usually have specific areas that they want to build up and strengthen. Those who want to lose weight want to “tone” certain areas of their body to reach a desired shape. Is there anything wrong with wanting a specific shape? No, not at all.

The myth:

You can achieve fat loss in a specific area of your body to achieve the results that you want.

We’ve seen them… waist trainers… booty slimmers… the ab cruncher (for all of you around my age…ya’ll remember the ab cruncher. You probably have it sitting in your basement right now. Shh, I won’t tell anyone :)). While these products most likely made a lot of money, I highly doubt anyone saw real results from them. Which is why they’re collecting dust in your basement right now. The products are designed to let you achieve fat loss in a specific area of your body. Abs are a huge hit with these types of things.  The models that they use to advertise these products follow a healthy diet and they work their ENTIRE body, not just the parts that the product is designed to enhance!!

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t respond to our wants when it comes to where the fat comes off.

For a personal experience, I’ve always had a chubby belly. It’s been my nemesis for a long time. When I started losing weight, I would see a little come off of my belly but not a lot. At all. This was pretty upsetting. It was the only area I was really focusing on. Then I turned around and looked in the mirror. I quickly saw where the fat was being burned from. MY BACK! I did get a renewed sense of happiness because at least it was coming off SOMEWHERE!. 🙂

This is why it’s so important to take measurements while you’re on your journey. Just because you don’t see the fat coming off of the spot where you want it to come off, that doesn’t mean it’s not coming off somewhere else. As a matter of fact, the body tends to release fat in the reverse order in which you gained it. If you put on fat on your butt last, that’s the first place you’ll start losing it. The key is, be patient and consistent!

I know, you’re thinking, well then what can I do to keep my butt?!? I get it. I’ve wondered the same thing.

The answer?

This is where weights come into play. Think of lifting weights as a way to both gain strength and shape your body. Lifting heavy weights and eating enough nutrients adds muscle. THIS is the best way to get the shape that you want. Even during your fat loss phase it’s very important to strength train. If you do cardio only, you’ll get smaller, but your shape will most likely stay the same. You’ll just be a smaller version of your former self. If that’s the goal, more power to you. I would still recommend lifting weights for strength. We’ll get deeper into the benefits of weight training in a different article.

For now, be patient. If you don’t see the results that you want, keep going and eventually you’ll start to see the fat disappear from the spot where you wanted it to!

Happy constructing!! 🙂

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