Are nuts good for you?

Nuts are a subject that a lot of people are confused on. They’re a tricky food and super convenient when you’re in a convenience store looking for something better than Doritos.

So as a broad general answer, yes. Nuts are a healthy food. They have some protein and lots of healthy fats.

Side note: If you’re following your macros and need some protein, peanut butter or whole nuts isn’t a good choice unless you need fats too. Think of peanut butter more as a healthy fat than a source of protein.

As a more specific answer, it depends on your general overall “diet”.

Nicole, wth does that mean?

If you spend the day eating pancakes with full sugar syrup, then a burger and fries for lunch, and steak and potatoes for dinner followed by a bag of chips and some full sugar soda, then no… nuts are NOT a good option. However, if you eat healthy and watch your intake then yes… nuts in moderation are a good option.

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