Getting Started Towards My Dreams

I guess I can’t really call THIS the starting point. It started a long time ago. I remember getting a text from one of my mentors. It was a motivational video that gave me an idea 5 years ago. An idea that I COULD succeed and have everything I’ve ever wanted

I’ve been learning and finding myself and failing and having small successes since then.

But the most important thing I’ve done along the way is GETTING STARTED!! 

I held onto jobs for a while while I was learning…learning who I was and what God put me on this earth to do. I knew all along but FEAR kept me back…fear and a lack of belief in myself.

It’s February 2018 and I’m making the decision to start living the life I was meant to. Despite what some well meaning friends and family may say or think, I’m taking the LEAP OF FAITH. For ME…for my kids…for my future grandkids… I can’t build a legacy in a 9-5 building someone else’s legacy.

My dream is to do what I absolutely love doing…helping both myself and YOU take care of the body you were given so that you can live the most full, healthy, and strong life that you can.

I say all that to ask you…

What do you want? How do you want to live? What’s holding you back?

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