One Way To Ensure You Stick To Your Program

A common thing I see people doing ALL the time is they get all motivated and they start out on a fitness journey. Pure willpower and determination get them through the first few months. They’re making progress and everything is great.


It all comes to a screeching halt. Or worse yet, they start down the slippery slope of not following through once or twice… then it becomes 3 to 4 times… and before you know it, they’ve tanked, gained all their weight back, and begin beating themselves up because they can’t seem to stick with anything.

Sound familiar? I know because it sounded familiar to me too. There’s a few different reasons this happens but today I’m going to focus on only one.


You don’t actually ENJOY what you’re doing! How can you expect yourself to stick with a program for the long haul if it seems like torture? Eventually your determination is going to run out and what started out as well meaning effort turns into dread and avoidance.

So what activities do you enjoy?

Swimming? Biking? Walking? Running? … Crossfit? (this is mine) Playing with your kids in the yard? Playing a sport?

It could even be subtle. You HATE cardio but you love going to the gym and lifting weights… ditch the treadmill then and pick up some weights. Do you love cardio but you can’t stand the elliptical? Go for a run outside!

Since 80% of weight loss is in your nutrition (btw, the SAME principle applies… stop eating crap you hate) the TYPE of movement you do really doesn’t matter. Let me say that another way because I’m not saying exercise isn’t important. It IS very much important. Don’t believe anyone who says you HAVE to do a certain activity in order to lose fat. Are some things more effective? Absolutely! Running burns more calories than walking. But if you absolutely abhor running… DON’T DO IT. Just make sure you’re choosing something you love, switch it up from time to time, and create a consistent schedule.

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