Overcoming Self Doubt

Self doubt is a really funny thing… it’s one of the only things that still creep up even if we’re making progress on what we’re trying to accomplish. Staying confident 100% of the time is impossible, we’re human. And since it’s impossible to be confident 100% of the time, we need ways to reel that confidence back in. Here are a few ways to do exactly that.

Keep the people who are in your corner close

Hopefully you have some people in your corner who support you and your dream. These are the people that you need to keep as close to you as possible. They’re the very people that you can count on to be able to turn to when you’re having trouble being your own cheerleader. If there’s no one in your corner, don’t fret. Finding people in your niche who are going through the same thing is always a big plus. For example, I’ve made it a point to surround myself with other people who are also into health and fitness. Just being near them and in contact helps in a HUGE way. With Gary Vaynerchuk (if you don’t know him, omg seriously…look him up… he’s not hard to find I promise), his followers are his fuel. Reading comments and interacting with people who follow him is enough to keep him going full force. If I hung around people who didn’t care about their weight and ate unhealthy most of the time, my ability to stay fit and eat healthy goes WAY down.

Be your own motivator

This one is rather interesting. Get in the habit of telling yourself you can do this even if you don’t believe it deep down. When I’m standing in a convenience store staring at a bag of munchies (sorry if you’re triggered now lol) it really helps to literally start mentally shouting positive things to myself. “You don’t need that” “You can do this” “Just walk out” “You deserve to have the body you’ve always wanted” “You’re strong” “You’re capable of being a major influence over the people who follow you” “You’re amazing and full of potential”.. Trust me, after all that the munchies don’t stand a chance. Same with while I’m working out. When I want to give up, statements like these are what drives me through a tough WOD sometimes (When our coach isn’t doing it :)).

Plus, positive statements said to yourself daily should be part of your routine anyway.

Remember your successes

Nothing beats self doubt faster than reminding yourself how far you’ve come and what you’ve already accomplished. Hands down. Write it down and keep it close. Put it in the notes app on your phone, write some of them on your bathroom mirror so you can read it while you’re brushing your teeth. Anywhere. Even the smallest things. Did you manage to walk away from those munchies (ahem..sorry)? Did you work out today? Did you drink a little more water? Those are successes too.

Cut negativity out and replace it with positivity

This is huge. Sit and think about the things that you have in your life. Get rid of every single thing that’s negative that  you can. Are you in a damaging relationship? Get out of it. I know that’s easier said than done but you’d be surprised at how much progress you can make both personally and professionally when you’re not being held down by the person that you’re with. If you really want to make it work out then take steps to correct it. Do you have friends that are always saying negative things? Cut them off. Do you watch negative tv shows? Really sit and think about what’s surrounding you and replace those negative things with positive things. Find new positive friends to hang out with, either fix or get out of that damaging relationship that holds you down… if it’s family, don’t be afraid to sit them down and have a talk. I’m sure they could use more positivity too…if that doesn’t work, spend less time around them. Some things are unavoidable so those things you’ll have to deal with but if you can eliminate it, do so!!

Hopefully these suggestions help. They have for a lot of people that I associate with, both friends and clients alike as well as myself. Don’t just read and nod your head, put these principles into action!

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