Proteins, Carbs, and Fats Explained

I’m so happy that more and more people are recognizing that a balance of the macronutrients (protein, carbs, and fat) are super important. But most don’t know much about these macros and why they’re important.


Proteins are made up of amino acids. There are 20 amino acids total, 9 of which are essential, which means your body DOESN’T make these on its own and must rely on the foods that you consume.

Protein isn’t as easily broken down as the other macros so it’s the one that’s responsible for increasing satiety and keeping you fuller longer. Most people have the misconception that carbs increase satiety but they don’t. They’re also very important for muscle health and development.

Good sources of protein are found in mostly animal products. Chicken, beef, seafood, pork, eggs, etc… It’s also found in nuts, seeds, and legumes but not as much.


Simply put, carbs are sugar structures that vary in complexity depending on the type.

Carbs are easiest to digest out of the three macros because they’re more simple. This is why you can eat a whole bunch of carbs and be hungry just a few hours later. Let these be refined and you’ll be hungry even faster. Carbs are necessary for energy and cell function.

Whole grains (grains, some fruits, starchy veggies, beans, legumes) are more nutritious and are overall better for you than simple sugars which have very little nutrient value (cakes, cookies, sugary drinks).


Most people are afraid of the fat in our diets. But truth is, we need fats. It’s how our bodies stay intact. Fats are more difficult for the body to break down and our bodies are slow to respond so they also increase satiety.

There are saturated fats, unsaturated fats, and trans fats (trans fats are the man made fats that aren’t good for you). The essential fats are Omega 6 and Omega 3.

Healthy fats can be found in peanut butter (the assumption is that peanut butter is a great protein source…it’s not…it IS a good fat source though), natural oils, animal fats, and chocolate among others.

So there’s a general breakdown. Make sure each meal is nutrient rich and balanced with these three and you’ll do great! I’m sure I could go into much more detail but you’d probably fall asleep before you got through all of them. ?

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