The Number One Reason You’re Not Losing Weight

I’ve done it myself. For a long time…

“As soon as I lose weight I can… (insert spectacular life event you’ve been putting off here)”.

“When I get to my goal weight… (insert what you think people’s perceptions of you will be here)”.

I’d go on social media and compare myself to the Instabodies I’d see and feel like their lives must be so much better. “They must have so many opportunities coming their way because they look great!”

While it all gives you a temporary boost of motivation it’s actually doing A LOT more harm than good.

Why do we yo-yo and keep going through this cycle of weight loss and weight gain and feeling horrible and guilty? We don’t think we’re good enough the way we are. We seek to change ourselves from the outside in (see why my slogan is Fitness From the Inside Out?).

It all starts with self acceptance! This, by no means, means that you shouldn’t strive to be the best version of you possible. It means that you accept yourself just the way you are right now and realize that it’s not your weight that stops you from doing things, it’s your MINDSET. Self acceptance stops the negative self hating behaviors.

In order to grow further the next step is self love. After you realize that YOU ARE ENOUGH you will start to love and believe in yourself enough to make better choices for the awesome person that you are.

Believe it or not, comparing yourself to everyone you see on social media is the exact opposite of self acceptance. Those people that you see have problems too. They’re just regular people. You don’t know what kind of people they are or what they’ve had to go through to achieve what they have achieved. If it’s even real! The best thing to do is accept who YOU are and start from right where you’re at.

What have you accomplished so far? Are you a good friend? Did you start a family? Are you educated? What are some things that you do well? Go ahead, make a list of all the positive things that you are! Guess what? You’ve managed to be all that DESPITE your weight challenges. Know that if you never lose another pound it won’t stop you from being you! But love yourself enough to push towards great things.

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