Why Do We Admire Celebrities?

I went to a concert this past weekend with my church group. We went to PNC arena in Raleigh for WinterJam 2018. Such an awesome Saturday night! My new fav band, Skillet, was at the end and lemme tell you they made me a new fan.

But while I was there, part of my amazement with the whole thing (the other artists, too, just just Skillet) came from the CRAZY amount of passion, work, dedication, and pure grind that goes into putting on a performance like that. It’s one thing to see it on tv or YouTube… but to witness success in person is a whole different story.

Many people feel a lot like I do. But why??

It’s really sad to say but we don’t see that kind of effort and dedication in the people who are around us on a daily basis! When we go to a concert or go to see a game it’s astonishing to see greatness in one person or talents mixed together to make an amazing performance.

But what most of us don’t realize is, WE HAVE THAT SAME GREATNESS AND ABILITY WITHIN US!

How did they get to where they are? Were they born like that? NO! While some of us know how hard we’d have to work to get to that level, most people aren’t willing to. It takes hours of dedication, sacrifice, grit, hard work, blood, sweat, and tears, to reach a level of greatness that other’s admire. The good news is that we’re all capable of it if we want it bad enough.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I left WinterJam wanting to work my butt off!

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