Why Do We Need to Drink So Much Water?

Simply put, our bodies need water in order to function properly. I tell my clients to drink water to cure things like headaches, constipation, cravings, hunger, etc… Our brains are 90% water! It’s so beneficial, free, and easy to obtain that we really don’t have any excuse to NOT drink water. If you don’t particularly care for the taste of bland nothingness, you can always add lemon, lime, or other natural fruits to add some pizazz. 🙂

Top Benefits of Drinking Water

Promotes Weight Loss

oh yes…we’re always looking for ways to lose weight, right?! Water flushes out your system so it removes byproducts of fat, reduces hunger and cravings (did you know that sometimes your body gives you cues because you’re actually thirsty instead of hungry?), and is calorie free!


Improves Skin

Water provides moisture so it keeps skin supple, flexible, soft, glowing, and wrinkle free!


Aids in digestion

Remember what I said about constipation? Water helps to keep things moving


Flushes out toxins

Water is a great way to sweat out toxins and reduce the risk of kidney stones


Saves money

It’s FREE! Even if you buy bottled water, it’s still cheaper than sugary drinks!

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