You’re Not JUST Anything!

I’m going to need you guys and gals to do me a favor. This is a big one and it’s going to change your life forever! Once you get the hang of this, you’ll never be the same.


STOP saying the word “JUST” when you talk about yourself! That drives me insane. When someone gives you a compliment or you describe yourself, stop referring to yourself as “just an average girl” or “just an average guy” or whatever you like to follow that up with.

First of all, you’re not JUST anything. You are phenomenal! There’s no one else on the planet like you! You’re here with a certain set of skills and abilities that ONLY YOU have. Did you know that the odds of you being here…of all the things that aligned…your parents…the timing…the sperm/egg combination possibilities…the infinitely complex process of your in-womb formation…the fact that you made it through that and birth….the odds are 1 in 4 hundred trillion!!!

Please don’t say you’re “just” a _______ again. Be known and bless the world with what you have to offer.


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